Commuter stories from: Melbourne Australia

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Dude with yellow nail polish - I'm scared
Anonymous a few weeks ago
Ticket inspectors on the tram: just past princess park city bound
Anonymous a few weeks ago
8:53am - A junkie couple totally zoned out with their eyes closed occasionally making groaning noises
Anonymous a few weeks ago
Complete and utter scum bag inhaling his cigarette before boarding the tram and then exhaling once onboard
Don't wear a collingwood jumper on a tram unless you want people to start yelling GO PIES or GO CATS at you.
Anonymous a few weeks ago
Fat man drinking a 2 litre bottle of Coke...Burps...Burps...BURPS again! I thought he was trying to challenge Mufasa!
Old man asleep on the tram lost his teeth...they landed on his lap!
You people make my skin crawl
Anonymous a few weeks ago

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